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Housing benefit

Eine Studentin sitzt an einem Schreibtisch, auf dem ein Laptop und viele Lernmaterialien stehen und liegen. Im Hintergrund ist ihr Zimmer zu sehen, in dem ein großes Bücherregal steht.

Housing benefit is a social benefit that can be granted as a subsidy to the accommodation costs and does not have to be paid back.

Who is entitled to housing benefit?

Basically, you are only entitled to housing benefit if

1. you are not entitled to any benefits under the BAföG.

This is the case, for example, if:

  • a scholarship is paid instead by a scholarship organisation for the gifted (§2 BAföG)
  • the maximum period of support has been exceeded
  • a change of subject was made without good cause or too late (§7, paragraph 3 BAföG)
  • the requirements for the funding of further education (second degree) have not been met
  • the certificate of achievement has not been submitted (§48 BAföG)
  • the age limit has been exceeded (§10 Para. 3 BAföG)

2. you are taking out a BAföG bank loan to enable you to complete your studies.

3. you live in a housing allowance household with persons who are not pursuing a BAföG/BAB-eligible education (e.g. child).

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