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Studying with a child

Eine junge Frau läuft mit einem Kind auf dem Arm einen Weg entlang. Im anderen Arm trägt sie einen Block. Sie hat einen kleinen Rucksack auf dem Rücken. Hinter ihr laufen zwei junge Männer und eine junge Frau. Alle lachen.

In Germany, the proportion of students with children is around six per cent. Reconciling studying, childcare and often employment is of course a particular challenge. That's why it's particularly important for you to be well informed about all the support options!

We offer affordable family flats in the halls of residence near your university at many locations. In Kiel, Flensburg and Lübeck, you can have your children looked after in one of our daycare centres. We also welcome children in our canteens. There are highchairs, play corners, nappy-changing facilities and free children's meals. You can find out more under the heading Children's meals.

By the way: Our advice centre in Mensa II in Kiel is officially a "breastfeeding-friendly place" of the city of Kiel.

Or take advantage of our Student Life Counselling service to get support for your individual situation. We often deal with the following questions:

  • How can I reconcile studying and childcare?
  • How will my student finance and housing situation change?
  • What financial aid can I apply for?
  • Where can I get what help?

You can find a detailed overview of counselling services and contact points at your university location, financial aid, legal bases and information on childcare in a compact format in our brochure Studying with a child.

We advise you!

Contact persons

Paula Jirka
Paula Jirka
Student life counselling
Consultant Kiel
Room 5, Counselling Centre in Mensa II (Leibnizstraße 12-14), 24118 Kiel
Office hoursMon+Thur 11.00-14.00
Stefanie Prüss
Stefanie Prüss
Counselling Student life
Consultant Lübeck
Room 43, office in the canteen building, Mönkhofer Weg 241, 23562 Lübeck
Office hoursTue-Thu 10.00-13.00 Mrs Prüss is not available from 9 May to 8 July. Please contact the other counsellors.
Janne Marie Wolter
Janne Marie Wolter
Counselling Student life
Consultant Flensburg
Thomas-Fincke-Str. 7, 24943 Flensburg
Office hoursMon + Wed 10.00-13.00 hrs From 30.04.24 to 10.05.2024 Mrs Wolter is not available. You can contact the other counsellors.
Beatrice Richter-Bethge
Beatrice Richter-Bethge
Counselling Student life
Consultant Heide
Room 0.44, Office FH Westküste, Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20, 25746 Heide
Office hoursTue 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. or by appointment
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