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Campus Card

Zwei blaue Chipkarten mit der Aufschrift „Campus Card“ und dem Studentenwerks-Flieger.

In our dining halls and cafeterias, you can pay easily, quickly and conveniently with the Campus Card or the university chip card. The chip cards are the regular means of payment for students and staff for canteen meals. Students and staff receive the indicated cafeteria prices in combination with a valid chip card; when paying cash, the guest price must be paid. Guests are also recommended to use the much faster payment method with the Campus Card. Payment with the Campus Card is not possible in Wedel.

By the way, you can also pay with the Campus Card at various copiers on the campus of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität. 

The Campus Card costs 15 euros - 7.50 euros starting credit and 7.50 euros deposit. The deposit and any remaining credit will be refunded when you return the intact card.

You can get the Campus Card in:

  • Kiel: in the cafeterias and café lounges, at the Service Point of Mensa I, in the cUBar as well as in the Mensa Kesselhaus, Mensa TF Gaarden and Schwentine Mensa
  • Lübeck: in the cafeterias and in the Mensa administration office
  • Flensburg: in the café lounge of the Mensa and in the cafeterias
  • Heide: in the cafeteria and in the FHW information desk in the foyer

At the reloaders in the entrance area of the refectories you can reload your card via EC-card or with banknotes and check the current amount at the additional card testers. The validity of the Campus Card is limited to a maximum of one year for students. It can be extended at all Campus Card sales points upon presentation of a valid student ID and, if applicable, an identity card.

Overview of accepted chip cards

  • Kiel, Schwentine Mensa: Campus Card, CAU Card, student card FH Kiel
  • Kiel, all other establishments: Campus Card, CAU Card
    Attention! Students of Kiel UAS can only pay in the Schwentine Mensa with their student card. If you want to pay cashless in other Kiel refectories, you need a Campus Card. The reason for this is lower security standards for the FH Card.
  • Flensburg: Campus Card, CAU Card
  • Lübeck, Mensa and Cafeteria: Campus Card, CAU Card
  • Lübeck, Cafeteria University of Music: Campus Card, CAU Card, Card of the University of Music Lübeck
  • Heide: Campus Card, CAU Card

It is best to make a note of the multi-digit black card number printed on the edge. If you lose your Campus Card, it can be blocked with this number and the existing credit on the card can be paid out.

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How do I load my Campus Card?

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