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Our telephone office hours take place:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 12 pm.

You can reach us at

Due to the pandemic, we are unable to offer in-person office hours at this time. Before you contact us, feel free to check out our "FAQ." Here we answer many of the frequently asked questions.

BAföG contact person search

Find contact persons

Please write out umlauts in your name!
If your name contains a prefix like "von" or "von der ...", please use only your last name without the prefix. So if your name is "von Mustermann", please enter only "Mustermann". If your name is "von der Lühe", "van Halen" or "Al Bundy", please enter "Luehe", "Halen" or "Bundy" respectively. For a name like "d'Arville", please enter "Arville". If the name prefix is connected with a hyphen to the surname, e.g. "Al-Suma", please enter the surname including the name prefix, i.e. "Al-Suma".


Submission of documents

If you have submitted your application via, you can also submit and resubmit your documents on this platform.

You can also send us your application by e-mail, please use the following e-mail address:

You can also send all documents by e-mail to the person in charge of your application. Use our contact search above to find the right person.

Alternatively, you can send them by mail or drop them directly into one of our mailboxes in front of the Office for Student Support in Kiel and Flensburg.

Tip: In Kiel, you will also find a mailbox at Mensa I that you can use. You will find it on the side of the building facing Ludewig-Meyn-Straße.

Our postal address

Location Kiel:
Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Office for Educational Support
Faulstraße 17
24103 Kiel

Flensburg location:
Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein
Office for Educational Support
Telekom building
Eckernförder Landstraße 65
24941 Flensburg

General Information

General information about BAföG can be obtained outside of our office hours from the BAföG hotline of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Of course, no questions about the application can be answered there.

Mon-Fri 8.00-20.00
Tel.: 0800 - 2236341 or 0800 BAFOEG1

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