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Ein Junge schaukelt, neben ihm schaukelt ein weiteres Kind. Hinter ihnen stehen zwei Männer, die sie anschubsen. Alle lachen.

The Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein supports the compatibility of family and studies. We offer 399 childcare places in our seven daycare centers in Kiel, Lübeck and Flensburg. Our all-day care offer for children from one year old until they start school includes crèches, elementary and mixed-age groups.

In addition, we support you and your child with further services, for example childbirth assistance, baby changing facilities, eating and playing corners in the refectories, dormitory places and counseling services.

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Stefanie Prüss
Counselling Student life
Consultant Lübeck
Office hoursTue-Thu 10.00-13.00 Mrs Prüss is not available from 9 May to 8 July. Please contact the other counsellors.
Janne Marie Wolter
Counselling Student life
Consultant Flensburg
Office hoursMon + Wed 10.00-13.00 hrs From 30.04.24 to 10.05.2024 Mrs Wolter is not available. You can contact the other counsellors.
Daniela Evers
Psychological counseling
psychological consultant
Monika Sisett
Psychosocial counseling, family and international affairs
Specialist advice for day care centers
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