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Living for help

Ein älterer und ein junger Mann sitzen nebeneinander. Sie schauen beide gemeinsam auf ein Tablet.

"Living for Help" is a project that creates living space for students on the one hand, and on the other hand focuses on housing partnerships between students, families, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Numerous older people in Kiel and the surrounding area live alone in spacious flats or houses. Everyday tasks are becoming increasingly burdensome. Often there is a desire for company and conversation. Nevertheless, they do not want to give up their familiar surroundings and above all their independence. By providing housing, a housing partnership can maintain independence and fulfil the desire for companionship by providing small help in everyday life.

But not only older people, but also families can benefit from housing partnerships. In addition to help in the household, which relieves the family, for example, homework can be looked after, pets can be cared for or the children can be supervised.

There are many students who have a social interest in a partnership or are looking for affordable housing due to their economic situation and the housing situation in Kiel. For them, the project is an exciting opportunity because they do not have to pay rent. However, the rule applies: one hour of help per square metre of living space per month. In addition, there are pro rata ancillary costs for heating and electricity.


live for help

The project

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Living for help
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