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Jobbing during studies

Ein Glas wird mit einem Latte Macchiato befüllt. Man sieht die Kanne, aus der der Kaffee eingegossen wird. Im Hintergrund stehen weitere Utensilien, wie eine Kanne mit geschäumter Milch und eine Glasschüssel mit Schokopulver.

If, like two-thirds of all students, you want or need to work part-time during your studies in order to pay for rent, food, study costs and leisure activities, you should inform yourself well so that your studies and job fit together and you have enough time for learning and relaxation.
As a student, there are various types of employment available to you. You can find out which type of employment suits your situation and what you should consider in terms of insurance, taxes and BAföG here in our overview.

Employment types

We are happy to help!

Contact persons

Johanna Usinger
Student Life Advisor
Room 1, Counseling Center in Mensa II (Leibnizstraße 12-14), 24118 Kiel, Germany
Office hoursMon+Thurs 11.00-14.00
Ramona López
Student Life Advisor
Room 4, Counseling Center in Mensa II (Leibnizstraße 12-14), 24118 Kiel, Germany
Office hoursMon+Thur 11.00-14.00
Stefanie Prüss
Student Life Advisor
Room 43, office in the refectory building, Mönkhofer Weg 241, 23562 Lübeck
Office hoursTue-Thu 10.00-13.00
Janne Marie Wolter
Student Life Advisor
Room 2.07, office in the refectory building, Thomas-Fincke-Straße 20, 24943 Flensburg, Germany
Office hoursMon + Wed 10.00-13.00
Beatrice Richter-Bethge
Student Life Advisor
Room 0.44, Office FH Westküste, Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20, Heide
Office hoursWed + Thur 10-13
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