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Kita fees and cost compensation


Our daycare centers receive municipal subsidies. Therefore, parent fees are based on the fee schedules of the respective cities. Please inform yourself about the parental fees at the location of the daycare center of your choice.

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Monika Sisett
Specialist advice for day care centers
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Cost compensation

If you are interested in a daycare place in one of our daycare centers and are not registered with your primary residence at the location of the daycare center, the following steps are required according to § 25 a KiTaG:

As a rule, you inform your local municipality of residence three months in advance that you would like to occupy a daycare place outside of your local municipality of residence.

Your local municipality will then check whether it can provide you with an offer that meets your needs. If this is not possible, your local municipality will issue you with a certificate stating that it is prepared to assume the costs of caring for your child in an external daycare center in accordance with § 25 a KiTaG (cost assumption declaration). You present this certificate to the daycare center of the Studentenwerk. The management of the daycare center and the responsible Youth Welfare Office will then check whether a care contract can be concluded.

The district youth welfare office of your municipality of residence is responsible for the reduction of daycare fees and not the responsible youth welfare office of the daycare center.

For families who already have a Kita place and are planning to move to a surrounding municipality, a similar procedure applies. They register their needs with the new municipality three months before the move. If the new municipality is unable to offer them a place that meets their needs, it will also declare that it will assume the costs. Your child can then continue to be cared for at the Kita until the end of the current Kita year. If you wish to continue your child's care, you will need the approval of the responsible youth welfare office of the daycare center.

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