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We need your support so that we can process your BAföG application quickly. Delays occur mainly because applications are incomplete or required documents are missing. Therefore, please read the BAföG application carefully and take enough time to answer all questions. Please remember to include all requested supporting documents. The BAföG online application is particularly easy. It helps you to fill in the application and points out missing information and evidence.


BAföG and maintenance

Age limit

Other funding opportunities

Broadcasting fee

Impact of the COVID 19 pandemic

Duration of funding, change of subject

BAföG application

Application for further funding

Change notice

Change of discipline

Own income

Parent-dependent promotion


Promotion abroad

Graduation Assistance

Amount of subsidy and repayment

Proof of performance

Transition from Bachelor to Master

Asset imputation

Asset verification

Asset verification documents

Data reconciliation during asset verification

Asset verification and misdemeanors

Reclaiming wrongly received education grants

If we come to the conclusion during the financial audit that the financial circumstances you declared in your application were not correct and that you are not entitled to BAföG in the amount approved and paid out, you have received social benefits wrongly in whole or in part. In such a case, we will revoke our BAföG approval in accordance with Section 45 (1) of the Tenth Book of the German Social Code (SGB X) and demand that you reimburse us for the unjustly received social benefits (Section 50 SGB X).

Loan repayment to the Federal Office of Administration

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