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The first application

Zwei junge Frauen stehen auf einem Flur vor einer Stellwand. Hier sind in Spendern verschiedene Formulare untergebracht. Die beiden Frauen betrachten gemeinsam einige Formulare, die sie in der Hand halten.

Would you like to apply for BAföG for the first time?

We've put together everything you need for an application. You can submit your application via BAföG Digital or in the traditional way with a paper application. If you need to apply quickly, you can use our quick application form. Please only submit it if you have already started your studies or if you can no longer submit the complete application in the first month of your studies.
If you do not yet have a place to study, wait for admission to your degree programme. The location of the university determines which office is responsible for processing your application.

Initial application checklist

Required documents

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