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BAföG: Delays possible

Due to staff shortages, there may be delays in processing applications. We ask for your understanding. Therefore, please submit your application for WS 2023/24 now.



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You've come to the right place if you want to find out everything about finances during your studies. There are various ways to finance your studies, such as parental support, BAföG, scholarships, jobs or loans. Shortly before you start your studies, you can also apply for start-up aid if you or your parents receive social benefits. You can get independent, confidential and free advice on all these topics from us, the Counselling Centre for Student Life.

The Office for Student Financial Aid is your point of contact for BAföG issues. Our staff will help you with your application and process it.

On this page you will also find information about the student union fee, which is due every semester, and the Campus Card, which you can use to make cashless payments in our dining halls. This is the only way to get the reduced student rate.

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Options for financing studies

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Student Union Fee

If you are enrolled at a university that is supervised by the Studentenwerk SH, you pay us a contribution of 63.00 euros per semester. The Studentenwerk uses this contribution to finance part of its services for students.

The Studentenwerk contribution is part of the semester fee. The semester fee includes the Studentenwerk fee, the AStA fee including the semester ticket and, if applicable, the registration fee. We accept the semester contribution on behalf of the universities and the AStA. We retain the Studentenwerk contribution and transfer the AStA contribution to the ASten and the university fees to the respective university.

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