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Theater in the Student Union SH

Eine Schauspielszene auf einer Bühne mit drei kostümierten Studierenden. In der Mitte steht ein Student im Jackett. Links und rechts steht jeweils eine Studentin, die an einem seiner Arme zieht. Er schaut skeptisch in die Richtung der links von ihm s

The Studentenwerk has a theater stage in the large dining hall of Mensa I in Kiel (1st floor). It seats over a hundred guests for our regular student performances. If you would like to join a theater group or stage a play yourself, please contact us at the Kulturbüro in Mensa I (link to Kulturbüro), room 2.09.

Normally, the Studentenwerk even has a separate theater building for students and guests. Directly connected to Mensa I, the hexagonal building is located in the middle of the campus of Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. It has a studio stage with a 110-seat event and theater hall.

Unfortunately, the hexagonal building is currently closed due to fire safety deficiencies. The renovation, including taking stock, drawing up a concept, consulting with the Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, raising the costs, tendering and construction work, will take several years. Since the Studentenwerk SH is largely financed by student fees, we cannot raise the necessary funds for a complete renovation on our own. We are dependent on support from the state.

We are happy to help.

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Johannes Heil
Johannes Heil
Head of Catering & Events/Warehouse&Logistics
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