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Facility Management/Construction

Ein Mann steht in einer Werkstatt und hat einen Akkuschrauber in der Hand. Im Hintergrund sieht man eine Wand, an der viele verschiedene Werkzeuge hängen.

The department operates 21 dormitories with 3,176 dormitory places throughout Schleswig-Holstein and is also responsible for the Studentenwerk's daycare centers and dining halls. To ensure that the work runs smoothly, the Facility Management/Building department is backed by a team of a department head, architects, technical operations managers, clerks, as well as painters and janitors.

The "Facility Management" team looks after the maintenance of the buildings and green areas in the dormitories, daycare centers and dining halls, the regular maintenance and inspection of all technical facilities and compliance with health and safety regulations throughout the entire operation. The employees in the "Construction" department plan new buildings as well as conversion and modernization measures.

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