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Eine Frau sitzt im Schneidersitz am Strand und führt ihre Hände über ihrem Kopf zusammen. Die Sonne geht gerade unter.

We want our employees to enjoy going to work and feel good in their everyday working life. For this reason, the Studentenwerk SH offers its employees a number of benefits.

Here is a brief overview of what you can expect at our company.

  • Providing for old age: With the VBL pension plan, you save money in addition to your statutory pension during your employment.
  • Stay healthy: You can work on your fitness together with your colleagues in various free sports courses. You can also work out at reduced rates in fitness studios.
  • Get support: With the company's own social service, the Studentenwerk SH offers its employees a contact point in the event of addiction or psychological stress at work.
  • Quenching thirst: All employees receive free water to get them through every hot phase of their workday.
  • Your own rhythm: Whether you like to get up early or sleep in late, flexitime applies in many areas of the company and you can organize your day to suit you.
  • Bon appétit: In the Studentenwerk canteens, company employees pay a reduced price.
  • Mobile on the go: The Studentenwerk SH provides some employees with a company cell phone that can be used for both work and private purposes.
  • Promoting skills: We offer our employees the chance to grow through individual development opportunities.
  • Flexible working: If your job allows, you can work mobile up to two days a week. We will provide you with a laptop. This makes it even easier to combine work, free time and family.
  • Animal colleague: The dogs of our colleagues are among our most popular employees. We are happy to welcome more furry noses into our offices to assist us.
  • A clearview: A subsidy for workplace glasses is a matter of course for us. After all, we want you to keep track of things.
  • Financial injection: Shortly before Christmas, the Studentenwerk SH offers the annual special payment.
  • Experience culture: We provide colleagues with a quota of free tickets for all our plays.
  • Well cared for: You can have your children looked after in our daycare centers.
  • Rest is a must: With a 5-day week, you are entitled to 30 days of vacation, with December 24 and 31 being free days on which no vacation has to be taken.

Unsere beliebtesten Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter

Eine braune Hündin sitzt im Grünen auf einem steinernen Podest.
Ania actively supports the Student Housing department.
Ein brauner Hund liegt entspannt im Gras.
Murphy is looked forward to by his colleagues in the Office of Educational Advancement.
Ein schwarzer Hund liegt im Gras. Um den Hals trägt er einen Blumenkranz.
Hugo also joins the Student Housing team.
Ein Labrador sitzt auf dem Rasen und schaut in die Kamera.
Sam is the dog of our staff council chairman.
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