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Lecture on Planetary Health Diet

Zwei Menschen sitzen sich gegenüber an einem Tisch in einer Mensa. Auf dem Tisch stehen zwei Tabletts mit jeweils einem Teller Salat und einem Dessertglas. Die Menschen halten Messer und Gabel in der Hand.

Nourishing all people on this planet and protecting the environment - these are the two goals of the Planetary Health Diet. The Planetary Health Diet was developed by an expert commission in 2019. You can find out how a fair, sustainable and healthy diet can be achieved for all people on 23 April 2024.

At Mensa I in Kiel, we invite you to an exciting afternoon all about the Planetary Health Diet. With this event, we want to inform you about the diet, give you an insight into our activities for a sustainable diet and create the opportunity to network on topics related to sustainable nutrition.


  • Keynote speech by Dr Janna Enderle

    Topic: Development of the Planetary Health Diet
    Goal and effects worldwide on sustainability criteria and health
    Differences to recommendations of the German Nutrition Society

  • Presentation by Kristin Dahl, Studentenwerk SH
    What is the Studentenwerk SH doing to offer healthy and sustainable canteens?

  • Keynote speech by Marcel Lungershausen

    Topic: How do I cook simply and healthily for myself and the planet according to the Planetary Health Diet?
    Criteria for choosing food
    Where do I get good ideas for cooking?

  • Tasting

  • Networking opportunities (following the presentations)


Admission from 16:30, start: 17:00, end approx. 19:00


Small hall, Mensa I, OG, Westring 385


For all those who cannot attend the event, the event will be streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Studentenwerk SH.

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