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For democracy and against right-wing extremism and racism

The Deutsches Studierendenwerk (DSW) welcomes the numerous demonstrations in favour of a free democracy and the rule of law. It opposes all forms of right-wing extremism and racism.

DSW President Prof Dr Beate A. Schücking explains:

"Deutsches Studierendenwerk is independent of party politics. However, we are not neutral when it comes to the defence of our Basic Law and the foundations of our democracy and the rule of law. 'Human dignity is inviolable', says Article 1 of the Basic Law. The Studierendenwerke and Studentenwerke in Germany are deeply committed to this principle.

The student services organisations help students according to their needs. We make no distinctions based on origin, skin colour, sexual orientation, gender, disability or religion. And we will not stand by silently when right-wing extremist networks attempt or plan to marginalise, devalue or even deport people from our society.

This is why the Deutsches Studierendenwerk welcomes the fact that countless demonstrations have recently taken place throughout Germany. Defending our democracy is something that only all people in this country can do together. It is our task to show that we are the majority and that, despite all our political differences, we stand for a diverse society in which compromises are negotiated fairly through democratic means.

The many demonstrations show that more and more people are realising the threat to our republic and that we must now fight for our democracy.

Academic freedom is also an important pillar of our liberal democracy. I am delighted that the various players in the German academic and university system are taking a clear stand in favour of democracy and the rule of law and against right-wing extremism and racism.

The Studierendenwerke are profoundly democratic and social institutions, with a clear moral and political compass and a clear stance: we stand for democracy, the rule of law and an open, pluralistic society.

Among the approximately 18,000 employees of the Studierendenwerke are many people with a history of immigration, and they all dedicate their energy, their work and their time to ensuring that all students in Germany, including international students, can study as well as possible.

We know how much people who are the focus of the inhumane plans of right-wing extremist networks feel endangered and how much they need the solidarity of all democratically-minded people. They should know that we stand by their side. We will not allow ourselves to be divided. We oppose right-wing extremism and racism."

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