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Sustainability and nutrition

Ein weißer Stoffbeutel gefüllt mit Karotten, Petersilie, Tomaten und Zwiebeln hängt an einer Holzwand.

Sustainability has been an important topic for the Studentenwerk SH for many years. The university catering team prefers to buy fresh food in the region and uses regional, organic or fair trade products in its dining halls and cafeterias wherever possible. Through the monthly Green Day, the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein also contributes to climate protection. In 2017, the Studentenwerk was awarded the Kiel Sustainability Prize for its sustainable approach to food. The company also received the same prize for avoiding disposable cups.

Vegetarian and vegan meals are playing an increasingly important role in the Studentenwerk's dining halls and cafeterias. In recent years, demand has increased by almost eleven percent, with a shift from vegetarian to vegan. The range is therefore constantly being expanded with new, delicious dishes.

For those with allergies, our university catering team is constantly searching for low-allergen or allergen-free ingredients. For your information, the 14 most common allergens are labeled in our dining halls.

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