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Student Services SH provides information on student financing


At the beginning of November, students can get information on the topic of student finance in the Studentenwerk refectories on the university campus of Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

Am I entitled to BAföG? Am I entitled to housing benefit? What do I have to consider when working while studying? These questions are not only being asked by many first-year students, but also by students from higher semesters. For this reason, the Student Life Counselling Service and the Office of Student Financial Aid of the Studentenwerk SH invite you to a discussion under the motto "Knapp bei Kasse? Advice is worth it!" on Tuesday, 1 November, in Mensa I on Westring and on Thursday, 3 November, in Mensa II on Leibnizstraße.

In each case between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., students can find out everything they need to know about BAföG, parental maintenance, student loans or scholarships at the information stand of the Studentenwerk. "Often students don't even know what numerous possibilities there are and that the money is sometimes even free," explains advisor Anna-Lena Walczak. "That makes it all the more important to get information from us."

Especially when it comes to BAföG, the inhibition threshold is high. Many students shy away from going to the BAföG office because of the supposedly time-consuming application process or fear of getting into debt. However, it is worthwhile to apply now. This is because the 27th BAföG amendment came into effect at the start of the winter semester, which, among other things, brings with it higher funding benefits and allowances. "At our information stand, we want to encourage students to apply," says Walczak. Young people can fill out an informal BAföG application directly at the information stand.

But visitors to the stand can expect much more. For example, they will be shown options for financial bottlenecks during or at the end of their studies, can do a financial check or win canteen credits on the wheel of fortune. In addition, there is the opportunity to withdraw for a confidential discussion with an advisor.

Those who do not have time on the two dates are welcome to visit the regular office hours of the Student Life Counselling Service and the Office for Educational Funding. All information is available at


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