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Student Services gives tips on financing your studies

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As part of the orientation events for first-semester students at Kiel University, the Studentenwerk SH is offering a workshop on April 8 from noon to 1:30 p.m. entitled "Ohne Moos, nix los! Tips and information on how to finance your studies".

In the workshop, participants will learn, among other things, how much it costs to study and what financing options are available. In addition, the advisor Johanna Usinger from the Studentenwerk SH informs about how much parents have to pay their studying children, how a BAföG application is made and whether it is still worthwhile to apply for a scholarship now. Last but not least, the topics "Working while studying" and "Student loans" will be discussed.

The workshop is aimed at first-semester students at Kiel University. Participants can expect entertaining input with lots of practical tips, interactive methods and the chance to ask questions.

The event will be conducted digitally via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 88983947473
ID code: 665803

Registration is not required. All students need to do is dial in five to ten minutes before the workshop begins.

Please see our instructions for media use.

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Porträtfoto von Kerstin Klostermann, der Leiterin der Abteilung „Kommunikation und Kultur“
Kerstin Klostermann
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