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Student services counselling for exam nerves

Ein Student sitzt am Schreibtisch. Vor ihm steht ein Bücherstapel. In seinem Gesicht kleben Post-its.

Every first Thursday of the month, the Studentenwerk SH offers interested students at all universities in Schleswig-Holstein a free online seminar on the topic of "stress management" so that they can best prepare themselves for the exam period.

"Stress before exams can paralyse and reduce performance," explains Laurin Schaefgen, psychologist at Studentenwerk SH. "Everyone knows more or less symptoms such as nervousness, sweating or sleep disturbances. Pronounced symptoms can lead to avoidance behaviour, fear of failure and the future, procrastination, self-doubt and even dropping out of university."

In the online seminar, Laurin Schaefgen provides help for self-help. He explains the basic problem and the vicious circle of anxiety and presents strategies for actively coping. In addition, the students learn how they can motivate themselves better, create a helpful learning structure and what they can do concretely against excitement and anxiety before and during exams. It is also helpful to have the opportunity to exchange ideas with others who are affected and to develop solutions together.

The 90-minute seminar always starts at 4.45 pm. The number of participants is limited to 30. The next dates are 1.9, 6.10 and 3.11. Registration and questions about the seminar can be sent by e-mail to Laurin Schaefgen: Participants will receive further information and the meeting link a few days before the seminar begins.

Tip: The Studentenwerk offers a video series on its YouTube channel with valuable tips on the topic of "stress management".

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