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Goodbye stress!

On the same wavelength

Together with the health insurance company Die Techniker, we offer a workshop to help students cope better with stressful studies.
Those who have too much stress are often unable to perform at their best at the crucial moment. Factors that increase pressure during studies include, for example

  • increasing pressure to perform
  • a large number of exams and performance certificates
  • time and deadline pressure
  • financial burdens
  • family obligations

Fortunately, we can learn to deal with stressful and nerve-racking situations in a more relaxed, confident and healthy manner. With the seven-week seminar "TK-MentalStrategien", Techniker has developed a stress training program especially for students. It includes short- and long-term strategies that enable participants to keep the demands placed on them in reasonable balance. Good time and learning management is just as much a part of the program as learning about autogenic training. In addition, the seminar shows students sustainable ways to protect themselves from stress or to overcome test anxiety.

All dates of the workshop:

The 8 dates of 3 hours each will take place on
Not on 14.06.

Registrations for the workshop are possible directly via an online platform of the health insurance company.

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