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"Flip the Switch": Student unions launch energy-saving campaign in their halls of residence

"Flip the Switch", flip the switch, in the student dormitory and in the mind: The 57 student and student unions organised in the German Student Union (DSW) are launching an energy-saving campaign today for the approximately 300,000 students living in the student unions' dormitories.

In view of the energy crisis and the drastic increase in energy prices in Germany, many students are facing a financial crisis this autumn. The galloping prices hit this low-income group particularly hard.

"We want to motivate people to actively save energy. We are thinking especially of the residents of halls of residence, because this is where the greatest savings potential lies through the students themselves," explains Matthias Anbuhl, Secretary General of the DSW.

"We hope for a change in awareness and behaviour, i.e. to be able to flip the switch in our heads to get through the crisis well together."

The core aspect of the interactive campaign part will be a social media challenge. Under the hashtag #myenergychallenge, students can challenge each other to energy-saving challenges, document them and also post them on social networks. This could be, for example, a challenge to take a cold shower, to permanently turn down the room temperature or to refrain from blow-drying your hair.

In addition, there are short information brochures, stickers, poster templates, flyer towers for the information brochures, floor stickers, roll-ups, beach flags or info screens as well as the informative website, which is available in several languages.

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