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Return Classic Campus Card

Eine Hand hält eine grüne und eine orangene Checkkarte. Darauf steht "Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein" und "Campus-Card".

You have until 31.12.2022 to return the old Classic Cards to us and have the deposit and remaining credit paid out. After that, this is no longer possible.

How can I tell if I have an old card?

  • the old logo is printed on the card
  • the card was purchased before 2017
  • the number of the card is only seven digits and not 17 digits with price range and letters as it is now.
  • For background: we replaced our cards at all locations in 2016/2017 and switched to the secure Mifire card. The old cards have been blocked since then. This is now the final call to return them.

Cards can be returned at all ticket offices. Alternatively, the card can be sent in, please use the return form.

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