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We offer orientation!

The Studentenwerk SH is committed to the students in the state in a variety of fields. Cooks, lawyers, craftswomen, architects, accountants and educational specialists work together under one roof. This diversity is what sets us apart and makes it so exciting for outsiders to gain an insight into our work.

We are always interested in accompanying final or semester projects. As a company, this gives us the opportunity to have specific questions scientifically elaborated. On the other hand, students can add practical value to their work and be sure of close support from us as a practical partner. We are happy to pay for the preparation of practical final or term papers. There is also the possibility of completing a practical semester with us, which is also remunerated.

For the course of study "Childhood Education", which is offered at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences, we regularly offer one or more places for an apprenticeship year, which is also remunerated.

We also offer internships for school students as part of their professional orientation. We have a particular focus on our partner schools.

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Theresa-Marie Kolster
Theresa-Marie Kolster
Personnel. Retention - Development - Organization
Head of Employer Marketing & Recruitment
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