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Applications for one-off payments can be submitted as of 15 March

Students and pupils of vocational and technical schools can now apply for their one-off payment under the Energy Price Flat Rate Act (EPPSEG) on the internet. The one-time payment of 200 euros is a financial relief and supports young people with the increased prices for heating, electricity and food. The payment is made through the federal treasury.

From 15 March, applications can be made on the portal The Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education and Science pointed this out today (10 March). All those who were enrolled or registered at a German educational institution on 1 December 2022, who lived in Germany at that time and those who were in vocational training lasting at least two years are eligible to apply. In Schleswig-Holstein, there is also a special regulation for young people who study or go to school in other European countries but live in Germany.

Eligible applicants

All students who are enrolled at a higher education institution in Germany on 1 December 2022 can apply for the one-off payment. This also includes doctoral students, students in a dual study programme, part-time students or students in a semester of leave. Guest students are not eligible to apply.

Students at vocational schools, such as vocational schools leading to a vocational qualification, technical schools that require a vocational qualification, public schools for qualifications in non-academic health and nursing professions, higher technical schools, as well as in comparable courses of education are also entitled to the one-off payment under certain conditions.

Access to the portal

In Schleswig-Holstein, all eligible applicants receive an access code for the application portal and a PIN from their respective educational institution. You can set up a simple BundID account with "user name and password" at the internet address and then use this simple BundID to submit the application on the application portal in combination with the PIN.

Information and applications

Comprehensive information on the procedure, how to activate the online ID function, how to set up a BundID account and how to apply at

If you have any problems with the application process, the FAQ at will help. If you have further questions, you can find information at In addition, there is an information hotline on 0800 2623 003, which is available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays to Thursdays and from 8 a.m. to noon on Fridays. In case of technical errors, the provision of screenshots is helpful.

Special regulation in Schleswig-Holstein

Until now, students and pupils residing in Germany who attend a university/training institution in another European country were excluded from the federal regulation. For this reason, the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament has passed a supplementary regulation to the Energy Price Flat Rate Act. This means that young people who live in Schleswig-Holstein but attend a university or training institution outside Germany in the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland can also receive the energy price flat rate.

This application procedure does not run via the digital federal platform, but via a separate platform. The Studentenwerk SH has been commissioned by the state of Schleswig-Holstein to process the application. More detailed information on the procedure and application as well as extensive FAQs can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk:

It is important to note: The state regulation does not grant double funding. The federal procedure has priority. Anyone who is enrolled at universities/training institutions in Germany and other countries at the same time must use the federal procedure.

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