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Party im DOH.
that parties were also held in dormitories in the past? Here is a photo of a party in the EOH in Kiel in about 1970.
Blick in ein Zimmer des Studentenwohnheims "Professor-Anschütz-Haus" 1961 sw
that the rooms in Kiel's Professor-Anschütz-Haus (PAH) dormitory looked like this in 1961 - communal showers and kitchens were accessible via the corridor.
Blick vom Sportafen "Seeburg" auf das Gebäude der "Seeburg"
that the "Seeburg", situated directly on the Kiel Fjord, is the oldest student house still in existence in Germany?
Blick von der Kieler Förde auf die "Seeburg" und dahinter das Kollegiengebäude der Uni 1912 sw
that the "Seeburg" used to be the refectory for Kiel's CAU and that the campus with the university's main building was located in the direct vicinity? Photo from 1912
Grundriss des Untergeschosses der "Seeburg" mit eingezeichneter Doppelkegelbahn sw
that there used to be a bowling alley in Kiel's student house "Seeburg"?
Eingangsportal der "Seeburg" 1912 mit Sandsteinwappen der CAU als Schlussstein sw
that the Kiel student house "Seeburg" used to have a main entrance like a castle gate.
Aus Sandstein gehauenes Wappen der CAU im Audimax der Uni
Its stone coat of arms of the CAU hangs today in the stairwell of the Audimax of Kiel University.
EPSON DSC picture
that the first refectory of the new CAU was located in the building on the corner of Westring and Olshausenstraße?
Blick aus dem Uni-Hochhaus auf die Kreuzung Westring/Olshausenstraße mit Straßenbahnwendeschleife sw
that you used to be able to take the tram to the refectory? Photo 1961, StadtAKiel 25.527
Schwarz-weiß-Foto des Atriums der Mensa I im Jahr 1967: Man sieht Bepflanzung und Sitzmöglichkeiten
that the current dining hall of Kiel Mensa I used to be an open courtyard?
EPSON DSC picture
that the sculpture of the fountain on the corner of Westring/Olshausenstraße used to stand in a fountain in the courtyard of Kiel Mensa I? Click on the picture for more information about the sculpture.
EPSON DSC picture
that the food in the new "Mensa am Westring" came from the kitchen via conveyor belts on metal trays?
EPSON DSC picture
At the canteen counter, guests could take their trays directly from the end of the conveyor belt.
Mensa-Mitarbeiterin präsentiert 2 Blechtabletts mit kompletten Menüs sowie 2 Schalen mit Eintopf sw
There used to be only complete menus without much choice. In 1977, a staff member presents the fricassee and cutlet dishes available for selection, as well as the two stews. Photo StadtAKiel 68.774
Neubau Sechseckbau der Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU) im Westring 385, auf Campus Westring.
that the "tacks" on Kiel's hexagonal building are actually supposed to represent "a veil of clouds made of aluminium rods that changes in the light" (architect Friedrich Wilhelm Kraemer)? Photo 1965 StadtAKiel 34.698
Blick durch den Zuschauerraum auf die Theaterbühne des Sechseckbaus 1967 sw
that the Kiel hexagonal building is actually a fully equipped theatre and cultural building?
Blick auf die Mensa Lübeck vom Campus aus
that you can also look out of the eye at the Mensa Lübeck?
wandhohes Mosaikauge komponiert aus farbigen Quadraten, Glanzpunkt ist ein quadratisches Fenster sw
You have to go in for that, of course!
Cafeteria Munketoft
that Flensburg University of Applied Sciences emerged from the Royal Danish Navigation School of 1852? Here is the Prussian successor institution from 1877 in Munketoft.
EPSON DSC picture
that the statue in front of the rotunda at the Flensburg day care centre is called "Southern Fisherman"? The sculptor Karlheinz Goedtke created it from bronze in 1960.
Postkartenansicht des früheren Flensburger Wohnheims "Norderburse" 1960 sw
that the statue previously stood or "lay" at the former dormitory "Flensburger Burse" from 1959 in Mürwik?
Fünfgeschossiges, modernes, anthrazitfarben geklinkertes Studentenwohnheim "Emmy-Hennings-Haus" steht in grüner Umgebung.
that the first hall of residence bearing the name of a woman is in Flensburg? It is the "Emmy Hennings House".
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