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Culture and Events Management

Auf einer Bühne proben vier Studierende ein Stück. Am Rand sitzt ein Mann, der ihnen Tipps gibt.

The staff unit Culture and Event Management is divided into two areas:

If you feel like making radio, taking part in a painting course or learning how to take photographs, the colleagues from the culture department are the right people for you. The team organises workshops and courses for students all over the country. Events such as film evenings, poetry slams or quiz nights are also put on by the team to offer students a change from their everyday study routine. Students interested in theatre can try their hand at anything on the studio stage, which is also run by the culture team. Their public productions are among the event highlights of each semester.

The event area is also an important component. The colleagues from this area plan and supervise internal and external events, which is why the team consists of event managers, warehouse clerks and drivers, among others. This is where all the threads come together.

The team consists of a head of department, a head of culture, a head of event, coordinators and assistants. We regularly offer a place for a voluntary social year (FSJ) in the department.

Wouldyou like to organise and implement events, workshops and activities together with us?
Then we invite you to become part of our team!
You can find current job offers in our job advertisements.

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